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How to Write an Employee Handbook Fast

Posted by Brandy on February 16, 2011

HR Document Maker, one of the human resource software programs we sell at Atlas Business Solutions, helps you quickly write an employee handbook, as well as HR forms, procedures, and job descriptions.


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Why Write an Employee Handbook?

An Employee Handbook is a method of communication from a management team to their staff. It’s a written explanation of the company’s overall mission and objective, as well as how they would like business to be conducted.

What Topics are Included in an Employee Handbook?

In the e-book “How To Write a Policy Manual” by Professor Michael Griffin, it recommends creating company policies for employment policies, employment status and records, employee benefits, payroll, workplace guidelines, employee conduct, and e-policies. E-policies cover topics such as blogging, instant messaging and online chat, disaster recovery of company information, email etiquette and retention, personal online shopping, spyware, and unsolicited emails.

How Does This Human Resource Software Help?

Instead of starting with a blank page to write human resources guidelines, simply pick the policies that apply to your company. HR Document Maker has hundreds of company policy templates you can use as is or edit, if necessary. The templates are written in Microsoft Word, which is familiar to many and easy-to-use.

Watch this video to learn how HR Document Maker can help you write an employee handbook faster than ever before.


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