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New Monthly Customer Calendar Report in Customer Appointment Manager 6.0

Posted by Brandy on December 21, 2010

In Customer Appointment Manager version 6.0, we’ve introduced two new reports: the Appointments by Date report and the Monthly Calendar report for customers. The Customer Monthly Calendar report is a great way for your customers to see when their next appointments are scheduled. It gives them a monthly view of all their appointments.


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In your appointment software, you can set up this monthly view by clicking on the Reports menu and on Customer Calendars. Then, select the month and year you would like to see, as well as the customer(s) name and appointment details. You’ll be able to see all the appointments scheduled for the customer during that month in an easy-to-read calendar view. It will list the start and end time of the appointment, the employee the customer will be meeting that day, and the services provided during that session.

You can print this report and hand it to your customers, so they can quickly see at-a-glance when their appointments are scheduled. By distributing this report to your customers, you’ll experience fewer no-shows. 

Watch this video to see how to use the new Customer Monthly Calendar report.


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