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Improve Customer Service with Efficient Scheduling Processes

Posted by Brandy on October 7, 2013

Customer service is extremely important in any service-based industry, such as accounting, clinics and dentist offices, law firms, pet grooming services, tutoring centers, and salons/spas. Customer service starts at the beginning of any encounter with a new customer and lasts long after they’ve left the building. While a positive attitude and the ability to fulfill customers’ needs are a couple of the main ways your employees can maintain good relationships with clientele, there are also little ways to perfect the professionalism in your office. It’s easy to improve customer service with simple and efficient appointment scheduling processes.


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The Beginning of the Customer Service Experience

When a customer wants to schedule an appointment with one of your employees it’s best to make it fast and easy for them to do so. In today’s technology-centered society, it can be embarrassing to still be flipping through a paper appointment calendar to try to find an open meeting time. Using appointment scheduling software you’ll be able to find open time on the calendar quickly with just a click of a button.

If they’re an existing customer, you’ll already have their contact information right at your fingertips, so there’s no need to waste time gathering their contact data again. When you choose the service type they desire the appropriate length of time will automatically be added to the appointment calendar. This helps eliminate scheduling mistakes and saves time.

Before the actual meeting occurs you can send your patrons an email reminding them of their appointment. Good communication is valued. Sending email reminders are easy for you to do and are well appreciated by your customers.

The End of the Customer Service Experience

Good communication also means saying thank you! Why not send an email to customers after their appointment to say thank you and to offer them a discount on their next service or encourage them to refer their friends and family to you? Again, this email process can be efficient and done with a simple mail merge right inside your appointment scheduling software, but your customers don’t need to know that!

An efficient scheduling process is a minor, but easy way to improve customer service in your workplace. It helps give a professional first impression at the beginning of a customer’s experience with your employees. And, the tools inside appointment scheduling software can help you promote your business after their meeting with your staff, too.


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