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Getting Started with Appointment Scheduling Software

Posted by Brandy on February 18, 2011

Customer Appointment Manager is a PC-based appointment scheduling software. Each computer the software is installed on requires a user license. For example, if you put it on five computers, you’ll need a five-user license. If you only need it installed on one computer, you’ll just need a single-user license. In a single-user license environment, both the application and the database (that stores the appointment scheduling information) is installed on the same computer. In a multi-user license environment, the application is installed on each computer that is licensed and the database file is installed in a central location, such as a server. In a multi-user license, all the users can access the same information at the same time. When one user makes a change, the other users will see it almost instantly.


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After the appointment scheduling software is installed on each licensed computer, it’s time to set up the employees, customers, and services. During this set up, you can also define custom fields and statuses, as well as company and user options.

Enter Employee and Customer Contact Information

For each employee, you can enter general contact information and a work schedule. Once the employees are created, they’ll appear at the top of your schedule and you can start scheduling appointments for them. For customers, you can import their contact information from a text file or from QuickBooks. QuickBooks is not required in order to use Customer Appointment Manager. However, you will need it if you choose to synchronize customer information between the two programs. You can also manually add customer information as needed. If there is more information you need to keep, you can create custom fields. You can add custom fields to customer records and to appointment forms.

Enter Services and Create Appointments

To create appointments, you can either double click on an open timeslot on the calendar or click and drag the mouse on the calendar to open up the Appointment Detail window. In the Appointment Detail window, you can select the customer, choose the service to be provided, edit the start and end time, make it a recurring appointment (if needed), set a reminder, edit the appointment status, edit the colors, and add a description.

Enter Company Settings in Appointment Scheduling Software

In Customer Appointment Manager, you’ll also be able to edit the Company Options to determine the time interval to be shown on screen, the days of the week to schedule appointments, and the holidays when your business will be closed. You can also create different user accounts. Each user will have a unique username and password, and will be assigned an account type that will establish their level of security access.

Watch this video to learn how to get started with Customer Appointment Manager.


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