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Flexible Customer Communication with Appointment Scheduling Software

Posted by Brandy on February 26, 2013

Why is customer communication important? It’s important because it’s a part of providing good customer service, plus it can help you keep your appointment book full and make more money. There are three easy and flexible customer communication tools available with our appointment scheduling software: customer calendar, emails (including email reminders) and letters. 


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Customer Calendar

The customer calendar is a one-month calendar that displays the scheduled appointments for that specific person. It can include the name of the service(s) to be provided and a description, as well as the date and the time of the meeting. This report is useful if you schedule recurring appointments for an individual person that are within the same month.

After scheduling the recurring appointments, you can give a print-out of the customer calendar to your patron, so they can easily see when they are scheduled to come in next. This eliminates any chance of miscommunication of upcoming dates or times, therefore eliminating the chance of a no-show for those scheduled meeting times. The customer calendar is also a very professional-looking report and quick to produce, so your customers won’t have to wait very long to receive it.

Customer Emails

You can send out email messages that can be used as announcements or promotional communication, as well as email reminders that help people remember to come in for their scheduled time. When sending out announcements or marketing messages you can filter the list of customers by when they last came in for an appointment, customers of a specific employee and by the type of service they have had in the past. Sending targeted marketing messages to your customers is a great way to promote your business and encourages previous patrons to schedule more appointments.

Email reminders can also be sent from appointment scheduling software. They help customers remember their appointments, so they don’t forget to show up. Not only do customer emails encourage more scheduled times; it also helps to retain the scheduled times already on your calendar.

Customer Letters

The letters work in a similar fashion to emails. Just like the emails, you can filter the list of customers by their last appointment date, the employee they’ve met with in the past, or by the service(s) they have had in the past. You’re able to merge contact data from your list from within Customer Appointment Manager into letters that are created in Microsoft Word. Sending out direct mail letters and postcards is another way to reach people with announcements and marketing promotions.

Although you may use appointment scheduling software to simply book appointments, you can also use it to have better customer service and increase business. The customer calendar, emails and letters in Customer Appointment Manager are three flexible tools to improve customer communication.


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