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Backing Up Your Database For Customer Appointment Manager

Posted by Brandy on September 14, 2012

Autobackups are another new feature in Customer Appointment Manager Version 7.0. Our appointment scheduling software now automatically makes a backup copy of your database. A week of backup files are stored on your PC or server.


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Why Is Backing Up Your Appointment Software Important?

If you database becomes damaged, an appointment scheduler accidently deletes a bunch of information or your computer crashes , you can use a backup file to restore your appointment calendar to the latest backup file that was saved.

How Often Are Autobackups Created?

Customer Appointment Manager now makes a backup of your database each time you open the program.  These are saved in a sub folder named Autobackups in the same folder your database is located. These backups are dated, so you know exactly when they were made.

Do I Still Have To Create Manual Backups?

In previous versions of Customer Appointment Manager you were able to make manual backups. Even though backups are now made automatically, we still recommend making manual backups on a regular basis. These should be saved to an external device, such as a flash drive, hard drive, or on your server. You can manually back up your data in the Backup tab in the Company Options window. You’ll even be able to set a backup reminder to remind you to manually back up your appointment scheduling software every week or month.

How Do I Use Autobackups?

To restore a backup database, select Restore from the File menu. You can browse to a backup you made previously or select an Autobackup file. Please keep in mind that when you restore from a backup you are overwriting your current database.

Watch the video to learn more about new Autobackups in Customer Appointment Manager 7.0.


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