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What's been improved in HR Document Maker?

HR Document Maker adds new human resource documents every year.

New Office Policies          

Some of the new HR documents include office policies regarding issues such as:

  • social networking
  • media resource usage
  • H1N1 "Swine Flu"
  • unsolicited email
  • reference checks
  • internships
  • life-threatening diseases in the workplace
  • employee suggestion program
  • excessive tardiness/absenteeism
  • appearance and courtesy
  • school activities
  • fair dealing
  • retaliation
  • employee protection (whistleblower)
  • business casual dress
  • concealed weapons
  • return of property
  • network etiquette
  • new state-specific policies

New HR Documents Regarding Disciplinary Problems

The progressive discipline policy includes steps for verbal counseling, written counseling, suspension, dismissals, staff dispute resolutions, and behaviors that may result in disciplinary action. The discipline warning form can be used in conjunction with progressive discipline policy.

New HR Documents Regarding Military Leave

New office policies regarding short-term military leave, extended military leave, procedures for military leave, military leave benefits, reinstatement after military leave and the USERRA poster help you navigate through the military leave situations in your workplace.

New HR Documents for Non-Profits

Office Policy and Board Operation manuals are now available to help non-profits articulate the basic responsibilities of the board, operations calendar, conflicts of interest, accountability, Sarbanes-Oxley policies, independent audits, fundraising, finance, and attendance, in addition to employment policies for staff members.

New Human Resource Forms

New HR forms include an employee non-compete agreement and a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement, plus over 85 state-specific Department of Labor posters.

New Import Feature

An import feature allows you to easily add your own unique Microsoft® Word templates and PDF forms to HR Document Maker. This enables you to keep your collection of human resource documents together in one place and up-to-date.


System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 98/2000/NT/Me/XP/Vista
  • Microsoft Word 2000 or higher
  • Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher
  • Any printer and mouse supported by Windows 98 or higher
  • CD-ROM drive (if ordering a CD)