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Staff Files upgrade history

When you upgrade to Staff Files version 8.0, you’ll receive all the features introduced in previous versions of Staff Files, too! See the list of new features from each previous version.

New features introduced in Staff Files version 7.0

IMPROVED Training Tab

Looking for a way to see total hours of training by category? Would you like the ability to search training records for employees who do NOT have a specific training? We added a column for Training category, so you can see the total hours of training by category in the Employee Training report. The NEW Staff Training Expirations report displays a list of employees whose training has expired and employees who have not yet attended that training.

IMPROVED Evaluation Tab

Would you like to use unique performance evaluations for each department within your company? Now you can create different sets of performance evaluations for each location, department, and position. Choose the evaluation categories that are specific to each group of employees. Plus, you can also write a description for each category, so when managers fill out the evaluation form and when employees read their evaluation, they have a better understanding of the criteria for each category.

IMPROVED Separation Tab

Do certain managers experience more employee turnover than others? Do most former employees leave after a couple of months on the job or do they at least stay a couple of years? Find out the answers to these questions in the enhanced Staff Separation by Date report. Now you can see how long they worked at your company before they left, who was their manager, and the reason for the separation. The NEW Separation Reason field helps you spot trends to see why people are leaving the company.

NEW COBRA Tracking in the Separation Tab

Looking for a more defined way of tracking COBRA? Store enrollment date, declined date, payment amount, end date, and miscellaneous notes for COBRA in NEW fields in the Separation tab. The NEW Staff COBRA report displays your former employees’ COBRA information by separation date.

NEW Absence Calendar

Would you like to see a visual representation of when employees are out on vacation or have been out sick? Use the NEW Absence Calendar to see when employees are out of the office. The new calendar will show the start date and end date of absences to show when an employee has been out of the office.

ENHANCED Employee List

Do you use the popular Employee List to create your custom reports? Create your own census reports, department lists, and more with the additional fields that have been added to the Employee List report. New fields include Current Wage, Previous Wage, Starting Wage, Years Worked, Age, Country, and Manager.

NEW Benefit by Plan Report

Would you like more details about employees enrolled in your benefit plans? The NEW Staff Benefits by Plan report will list all enrolled employees by benefit plan. The report will subcategorize by benefit plan, such as healthcare, dental, or retirement. Then under each benefit plan, the report lists the employees’ names, enrollment date, employee contribution, and employer contribution.

ADDITIONAL Import Options

You can now import employee number, cell phone, fax number, I-9 renewal date, position, and the fields from the Emergency tab, in addition to full name, first name, middle initial, last name, hire date, city, state, zip, address 1, address 2, social security number, home phone, work phone, e-mail address, and birthdate.

Compatible with Windows 7

Staff Files is ready for Microsoft Windows 7 and still works with Microsoft Windows 2000, NT, XP, and Vista. If you’re looking to upgrade to new Windows 7, make sure to upgrade to the only version of Staff Files certified to be compatible with Windows 7.

New features introduced in Staff Files version 6.0

NEW Incidents Tab

Worried about having documentation to back up a dispute with a problem employee? Or, do you want a list of accidents to help fill out government forms? Organize information regarding disciplinary warnings, on-the-job accidents, or any other workplace occurrences in the NEW Incidents Tab. Track the date, title, and details of each incident during an employee’s time with your company.

NEW Group Accrual Enrollment Tool

Need to add employees in a new accrual policy or move a select group of employees into a different accrual policy? Use the NEW Group Accrual Enrollment Tool to enroll a group of employees into an auto accrual policy all at once. Simply sort and/or filter the employee names, select the group of employees, select the Accrual Account and Auto Accrual Policy, and click Enroll.

NEW Group Training Enrollment Tool

Do you want to add a training record to a group of employees? Instead of manually entering a training or certification record into each employee record, use the NEW Group Training Enrollment tool to add the same information to a group of employee records. It’s easy to use and will save you lots of time!

NEW Password System

Need more security to help keep confidential employee records private? Now, Staff Files can require both a Username and Password field for greater security. Both fields can be set up in the Manage Security window found in the File menu.

NEW Reminders

Do you need reminders for important dates and deadlines? The five custom date fields found at the bottom of the User tab can now be used as recurring reminders for all employees. Never miss an important date again!

IMPROVED Documents Tab

Looking for a better way to organize your documents in the Documents Tab? We added columns for Type and Date to help you quickly find the document you need. The columns can be sorted, so you will be able to find a document in seconds.

IMPROVED Emergency Tab

Do your employees have two contacts in the case of an emergency? We’ve added additional fields for a second emergency contact in the Emergency tab. Plus, these fields have been carried over to the forms and reports that display Emergency contact information, so all the emergency information will be available at your fingertips.

NEW & IMPROVED Reports, Checklists and Templates

  • Two NEW Incidents Reports – Staff Files will have both an Employee and a Staff report that will display information directly from the NEW Incidents tab. Use the Employee Incident report to see all the disciplinary warnings for one employee or use the Staff Incident report to see a list of accidents from the last year.
  • NEW Absence Report – This report will show time-off for a group of employees by date range. This helps you easily see when employees are on vacation or out of the office. Sort and filter features will enable you to see a list of employees for specific departments or locations only, for example.
  • ENHANCED Reminders Report – This Employee report will now include all reminders, including anniversaries, benefit eligibility, birthdays, I-9 renewals, performance reviews, training/certification expiration dates, and the five custom date fields from the User tab, in addition to the ones typed into the Reminders tab.
  • NEW Reminders by Date Report – This report will allow you to see all the reminders of a particular type by date. For example, you will be able to run a report to show next month’s training requirements.
  • NEW Separation Report – This report shows separation information for a specific date range. This Staff report can be helpful for evaluating turnover.
  • ENHANCED Employee List Report – This is a great option for users who want to quickly build their own custom report. Now it’s even better than ever because it includes custom fields in the field options. For example, if you have a User-Defined field with the employees’ computer ID numbers, you can now print a list with just employee names and computer ID numbers, or whichever fields you choose.
  • NEW New Hire Form – This form contains fields from the General and Emergency tab and has space for a new employee to write down their contact and emergency contact information. Print out the New Hire form and give it to a new employee, along with all of their other “first day on the job” forms. The completed form can be given to a Staff Files user, so they can enter the new employee record without having to scramble around for the information.
  • NEW Separation Checklist - When an employee leaves your company, there are a number of steps that need to be completed. On the Separation tab, you can click Checklist and see a list of to-do items, such as COBRA Enrollment, Exit Interview, Garnishment Notification, and Return of Equipment, or other tasks you have defined.


We’ve increased the work area of Staff Files to 1024x768 to accommodate higher screen resolutions, which means you can view more within the tabs without having to scroll. The employee list is now wider, so when a sort is selected and that sort label appears after the employee name (ex. if it is sorted by department the names would look like “Jane Doe – Accounting”), you can see more of the name.

You can now choose the way you wish to see the employee names appear in the employee list. You can choose to view the first name or last name first.

NEW Audit Trail [Pro version only]

In addition to all of the features listed above, you will also receive the NEW Audit Trail. The Audit Trail is a log of what was changed, when and by whom. It can be sorted by date, name of employee, the tab that was modified, the action taken (Add, Edit, or Delete), and the user’s name.

NEW Online Feedback Form

For over 10 years, we have added new and improved features built on feedback from you, our customers. We welcome and encourage you to provide feedback to help us shape future versions of Staff Files, as well as improve customer service. Use the Online Feedback Form, which can be found in the Help menu, to tell us what you think.

New features introduced in Staff Files version 5.0

NEW Training and Certification Tab

Manage employee training and certification information easily with the convenient Training and Certification tab. Track the hours, cost and location, record the agency providing the training or issuing the certification and more. Training start and end dates and certification effective/expiration dates can also trigger automatic reminders to help keep you up-to-date.

NEW Auto Accrual Policy Wizard

In addition to manual accrual entry, Staff Files now offers a step-by-step wizard to set up the auto accrual calculations. Define Auto Accrual policies to calculate accruals based on hire date, trial periods, seniority, and more. The Auto Accrual Policy Wizard also allows you to view or print a summary of Auto Accrual settings at any point in the process.

NEW Department-level Security Controls

Password protection allows you to customize security settings to fit your needs. Determine security levels by assigning read-only or read/write access; grant access on a tab-by-tab basis; and control visibility into employee data on a department-by-department basis. Password protection to the underlying Staff Files database provides an additional level of security.

MORE User-Defined Fields

In addition to ten custom text fields you can use to track unique information, Staff Files now includes five date fields and five check-box fields. Storing and tracking the information you need has never been easier.

NEW Recurring Reminder Feature

Now it's quick and easy to add a Reminder for recurring appointments or meetings. Set your recurrence pattern for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly or a customized recurrence; with scheduled end dates or no end date.

NEW Employee Checklist, Checklist Template and New Hire Checklist Detail Reports

Click the Checklist icon in the General tab to view and track incomplete and completed items for a particular employee, or view the New Hire Checklist Detail Report for an at-a-glance summary of employees with outstanding checklist items. You customize the checklist items, so it's easy to track the information you need.

NEW Employee Evaluation Form Template

Now you can print a blank evaluation form – convenient for documenting notes or providing a discussion guide during performance reviews.

ENHANCED Print Options for Reports

It's your choice: Use the Print on a New Page checkbox to print Employee Anniversary, Birthday, Checklist and other reports with page breaks for each month or employee or, clear the checkbox to print a continuous report without set page breaks.

NEW Import from Microsoft Small Business Accounting®, Import from Text File and Additional QuickBooks® Synchronization

Now you can import employee address and contact information into Staff Files. Import options include field mapping for imports from Microsoft Small Business Accounting or importing data from a text file. The QuickBooks® integration has been expanded to offer synchronization with a subset of employee contact fields in Staff Files and your QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2003 or Enterprise Solutions 2.0 (or newer) company.

A NEW Look and Feel

Still just as easy to use and navigate, the Staff Files user interface has been updated with a new look and feel for an even better experience. Staff Files is Microsoft Windows Vista ready and works on Microsoft Windows 98/2000/NT/XP.

New features introduced in Staff Files version 4.0

NEW Benefits tab

Track your employees’ benefit enrollments in the NEW Benefits tab. Define your own benefit categories or use the pre-defined 401K, Health, Life, Dental, and Vision categories. Automatic reminders alert you to eligibility dates. Instantly compile a detailed report for each employee, including benefit eligibility dates, status (enrolled or not enrolled), and latest enrollment and withdrawal dates. View a summary report for all staff positions, or just a select few, which gives the sum of people enrolled or not enrolled in certain benefits. Staff Files 4.0 makes it easier than ever before to manage and track employee benefits.

NEW HR Letters

Are you looking for a way to improve communication with your employees? The Create/Edit Letters and the Publish Letters features let you create and send employee correspondence in a fraction of time! Using Microsoft® Word you can create and customize your own letters populated by various fields from your Staff Files database. Or, you can edit and publish any of the 34 human resource letter templates already included for you. The pre-written templates contain benefit eligibility, upcoming evaluation, welcome, promotion, recommendation and termination letters, plus many more to save you time!

NEW Reports

Utilize two new reports for building staff morale. Print a report that has employment anniversaries on it, or hang up the new employee birthday report (excluding year of birth) for everyone to see and celebrate!

IMPROVED Reporting Capabilities

Quickly customize reports the next time someone demands to see a date-specific report on his or her desk in the next 10 minutes. Instead of sifting through extensive data you have the option of adding the "to" and "from" date ranges to your reports.

INCREASED Database Security

Safeguard and keep your information confidential from prying eyes, and prevent a potential lawsuit by creating an additional database password. Now you can specify a Staff Files password and a password to the underlying Microsoft Access database. Control who opens and views your Staff Files information.

IMPROVED Reminder Functionality

Don't let an important date slip through the cracks again. Whether it's an employee's birthday or time to meet a government deadline, stay informed! Now upcoming I-9 renewal, birthday, and anniversary dates appear automatically as reminders, and prompt you to take action. You also have the option of "turning off" one, several, or all reminders.

NEW Email Reminders

Increase communication with your staff through the new "E-mail This Reminder" feature. When important employee reminders pop up send them to the appropriate person (or people) at the click of a button!

NEW Database Backup Reminder

Don't forget the most important task on your "to-do" list—backing up your database. This new reminder pops up when you open Staff Files 4.0. Set the frequency of the reminder (default is every 10 days), or turn it off completely.

NEW QuickBooks Integration

Eliminate data entry errors and save time. Staff Files 4.0 integrates with QuickBooks Pro and Premier Editions, and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. Automatically import information such as employee names, contact information, birth dates, and social security numbers.

NEW Windows XP Compatibility

If you're running Windows XP, you can take advantage of the latest operating system's features and functions. Experience the Windows XP "look and feel" with Staff Files 4.0.

NEW User Interface

Staff Files 4.0 provides faster access to important functions you use on a daily basis. The clean, user-friendly interface allows you to quickly view and select employees. We also made the sort and filter buttons readily available, so looking up specific staff records is a breeze.

New features introduced in Staff Files version 3.0

NEW Optional "No Show" by Status

Do you wonder "How do I hide the employee records of people who are inactive or terminated without deleting them?" Well, here's the answer! Go to the Status window in the Define menu. Check the box in the Hide column next to Inactive and Terminated to hide those records from your employee list.

NEW Link To Any Document

Instead of just linking text files (.rtf and .txt) and graphic files (.jpg and .bmp), now you can link any file from any folder on your hard drive or network. If Staff Files cannot display the file, press the View button to launch the application associated with the file. This is a great way to organize all your HR documents and files.

NEW Custom Reports

Since Staff Files uses a Microsoft® Access database to store its information, you can create your own reports and add them to Staff Files (requires Microsoft® Access). Simply open the Staff Files' database in Microsoft® Access and create your reports. Any reports added to the database will be automatically included in Staff Files' Reports menu the next time you enter the system.

NEW Definable Sorts

Now you can define and save your own sorts. Instead of being able to sort your staff by only one field, you can now sort them by up to six different fields (either ascending or descending). Plus, you can save and name your sorts for future use.

NEW Custom Filters

If you need real reporting power, this feature will enable you to go beyond basic sorts and allow you to build your own filters. Sorts and filters can be used together for ultimate reporting capabilities. For example, you could sort your staff by hire date, and have your filter include only those hired after 1/1/1999.

NEW Automatic Accrual Accounts

Tired of entering vacation or sick leave information? Now your accrual accounts can automatically calculate balances. For example, if an employee accrues 120 hours (3 weeks) of vacation per year, and gets paid twice a month (on the 1st and the 15th), he or she is accruing 5 hours of vacation every pay period (120 hours / 24 pay periods). Staff Files can update the employee's file to reflect accrued vacation.

NEW Read-Only Passwords

Now you can designate who has the authority to write to your database and who can only view it. Used in conjunction with Staff Files' current password system, this gives you unparalleled flexibility for restricting access to sensitive personnel information.

NEW Printable Photos

Now you can print your photos right on your Comprehensive Reports. On the Staff Files' menu, just select Reports > Employee Reports > Comprehensive with Picture. It's that easy!

NEW Spellchecker

You can now check the spelling of your notes, evaluations, and memos from within Staff Files.

NEW State-Of-The-Art Interface

We've revamped the Staff Files interface to take advantage of the latest user interface controls. This will make data entry and editing much quicker and easier.

IMPROVED Windows® 98/2000 Compatibility

If you have already upgraded your operating system, or plan on doing so, this new version of Staff Files was designed specifically to work with the newer operating systems.

New features introduced in Staff Files version 2.0

NEW Location Field

You can separate your employees by location, defining and selecting them from a simple drop down list.

NEW Definable Labels

Now you can customize all of the fields within the Staff Files application. Simply double-click on the label you want to change and redefine it.


Data entry is faster than ever with the new Pop-up Date Calendar. Simply, click on the date you want to input. It’s that quick and easy!

NEW Scanned Documents Storage

Store and display more documents and images in the Documents tab. Now you can store* and display images of any important employee-related document. Attach as many documents and document images as you want. From resumes to other important signed documents and agreements, Staff Files 2.0 can handle them all. (*Requires scanner).

NEW Accrual Accounts

Set up an unlimited number of accrual accounts to track accounts, such as vacation, sick time, and comp. time. Enter beginning balances and adjusting entries.

ENHANCED Sort Capabilities

Sort employee lists by seniority, birthday, active status or any other field in the employee record.

ENHANCED Reporting

Now you can select reports for multiple employees or groups.

ENHANCED Graphic Compatibility

Staff Files version 2.0 supports the compressed picture standard JPEG (.jpg) in all picture boxes.

IMPROVED Graphic Storage and Retrieval

Staff Files 2.0 allows you to link to images anywhere on your computer. Tie all your important personnel documents into one system regardless of location.

NEW Calculator Function

The system calculator is just a mouse click away.

IMPROVED User Interface

Even though we've added more features and capabilities, Staff Files uses a cleaner and roomier screen design.