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If you are using a previous version of VSS Pro or VSS Premier, upgrade to version 14 today! 



Visual Staff Scheduler Pro upgrade history

When you upgrade to Visual Staff Scheduler Pro 14.0, you’ll receive all the features introduced in previous versions of Visual Staff Scheduler Pro (VSS Pro), too!

New features introduced in Visual Staff Scheduler Pro

Hours Column

Display the total hours scheduled by employee on each schedule view. For example, in a 14-day view, you will see how many hours an employee is scheduled for the 14 days on-screen. This is a great tool for helping reduce overtime!

Easier Schedule Editing

Double-click any day to make shift and explanation assignments for any employee. You can also enter notes and mark employees as being on-call. Everything you need to schedule your staff is available from a single window.

Improved Estimated Cost Report

Now you can run the Estimated Cost report for up to 999 days, instead of only 42! No more headaches putting together those quarterly or annual staffing budgets.

Sort Options

Sort your employees by more than just name or position. Now you can sort your employees by seniority, hours scheduled, or desired hours. Finding and scheduling the right employee has never been easier!

Employee Photos

Employee photos are just a click away! Now you can quickly and easily verify employees upon arrival. Reduce your liability and make sure the right employees are reporting for work.

Employee Profile Report

Employee information is right at your fingertips in this new staff report. It includes contact information, employee number, hire date, skills, and more!

Employee Skills Report

Need to find out which employees have certain skills? Simply select the skill(s) you need and instantly see the employees who match your requirements.

Employee Seniority Report

Who are your most senior employees? This new staff report allows you to select the position(s) you wish to view. Employees are sorted by position from most senior to least senior.

Improved Query Reports

Ever wondered if an employee calls in sick regularly on Fridays or Mondays? The improved query report lets you specify the days you wish to search. For example, search for sick days or tardiness on particular days, or find out how many Saturdays or Sundays your employees have been scheduled to work. Also, query reports now includes days of the week to make it easier to identify trends.

Easier Report Customization

Reports windows have been redesigned making it faster and easier to generate staff schedules and reports.

Saved Reports

This feature is a huge timesaver and a must-have for busy managers! If you print, publish or email staff schedules, you can now save tons of time by saving and accessing common reports right from the Reports menu. For example, if you have to print separate weekly schedules for different positions, shifts or departments, you don’t have to keep changing your print preferences (i.e. number of days, sort, and query). You can save popular staff schedules and print them all in seconds!

Enterprise Reporting (Premier Only)

For VSS Pro customers with more than one schedule file, the new enterprise reporting tool will give you access to schedule and employee information across your entire organization. You’ll know who is scheduled when and where, as well as who’s off and who’s available, all sorted and grouped by schedule file. Simply select the schedule file(s) you wish to include and one of the eight enterprise reports: (1) Daily Schedule; (2) Weekly Schedule; (3) Shift Schedule; (4) On-Call Schedule; (5) Not Scheduled; (6) Time Off; (7) Hourly Coverage; and (8) Estimated Cost. Here are just a few reasons to get Enterprise Reporting:

  • E-mail or publish schedules and reports as PDF documents that encompass your entire organization.
  • Locate specific employees or other scheduling information quickly with the interactive report viewer.
  • Quickly jump to sections of schedules or reports with the powerful contents navigator.
  • Gain access to employee profile information, or e-mail an employee by clicking an employee’s name within the report viewer.

Powerful Copy Row Feature

Copy schedule information from one employee to another, or even to a group of employees in one single step. Rotate schedules, apply schedule patterns, or set up new employees in seconds!

Access 150 Coverage Totals from Any View

See more coverage totals to assure shifts, departments, locations, or positions are properly staffed and to reduce overtime.

Share Coverage Totals Across All Views

Instantly view the same coverage totals in all, or select, views. You no longer need to create separate coverage totals for each view.

Attach Microsoft® Word Documents

Add Word documents to any work schedule or report. Post important schedule notes or company announcements you don’t want your employees to miss.

Append the Legend Report to Schedules

Add the Legend report to all of your staff schedules. Ensure your employees can quickly reference schedule abbreviations to eliminate work schedule miscommunication and confusion.

Import Employees from .csv or Text Files

Adding new employees to VSS Pro or updating contact information for your current personnel has never been faster or easier.

More Printing Options

Select the print range, number of copies to be printed, paper size, and the name and location of the printer when printing any type of schedule or report. Now you have more printing flexibility and control!

Print to Large Format Printers/Plotters

Print schedules and reports on up to size E paper – that’s an equivalent of sixteen letter-size pieces of paper! Now you can get all of your scheduling information to fit on one sheet of paper.

Set Default Folder for Schedule Files

Select the default folder to look for VSS Pro schedule files. Save time by quickly finding schedule files.

Simplified Posting of PDFs and Web Pages

Posting your schedules and reports is now as simple as 1-2-3. Just select a file format to publish (.pdf, .htm, or .html), browse a location to post the file (your computer, company network, or a web site), and click Save.

Publish Schedules with Long File Names

Finally, no more 8-character limit! VSS Pro now supports long file names, up to 255 characters, for all published PDFs and web pages.

View Contact Details in Read-Only Mode

Give managers and employees easy access to employee contact information, including phone or pager numbers, and e-mail addresses. Contacting employees or co-workers to swap shifts or find replacements has never been easier!

Improved Print Preview

VSS Pro offers better print preview scaling, resulting in cleaner, clearer images. Plus, it offers improved scrolling and page navigation.

Easier Emailing

No more Microsoft Outlook warning messages when trying to email work schedules! Improved Outlook integration makes emailing schedules less cumbersome.

Better Network Performance

If you are running VSS Pro scheduling software on a network (single-user or multi-user versions), upgrading your VSS Pro is essential. Get the peace of mind you deserve knowing VSS Pro will give you unparalleled reliability when accessing schedule files over a network.

On-going Technical Support

Due to rapid changes in software technology, such as new operating systems or new software programs, we are only able to provide technical support for VSS Pro 14. Don’t get caught with older versions of VSS Pro. Upgrade today and keep your employee scheduling software up and running!

100% Backwards Compatible

Upgrade with the peace of mind your schedule information is safe. Version 12 is guaranteed to work with schedule files created in previous versions of VSS Pro (versions 2 to 12), so there is no need to re-enter scheduling information!