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How scheduling software beats pencil and paper scheduling

Still Building Employee Schedules by Hand?

Consider replacing your system with an efficient, proven scheduling software solution.

Not every supervisor or manager has the same scheduling needs. Depending on the business, the number of employees, the types of work shifts, and several other factors, employee schedules are pieced together by hand in a number of different manners. Whether it's a notebook and pencil, index cards and corkboard, or a spreadsheet and sticky notes, one fact is certain. These “pencil-and-paper schedulers” can now confidently move to a simple, reliable software solution that's specifically designed to meet varying scheduling needs.

What considerations would move you to make the switch to a scheduling software solution? Perhaps it's one or a combination of the following abilities to:

  • create schedules in less time
  • ensure shift coverage
  • reduce overtime expenses
  • communicate schedule information more effectively
  • improve reporting capabilities

Create Schedules in Less Time

The "pencil-and-paper scheduler" manually schedules each staff member, each shift, each day. This manual system is not only time-consuming and prone to errors, but any schedule changes can mean the entire schedule needs to be reconstructed.

With a scheduling software solution like Visual Staff Scheduler Pro® (VSS Pro) by Atlas Business Solutions, Inc., schedules are built more quickly because the program incorporates the use of several time-saving, automated tools that rotate shifts, copy schedule patterns, even schedule groups of employees at one time. And, because these tools automate scheduling, any changes that pop-up are not cumbersome to include and update.

Ensure Shift Coverage

It's challenging for "pencil-and-paper schedulers" to maintain minimum staffing levels. Numerous variables, like the number of staff per position or shift, can jeopardize proper shift coverage and result in poor service and missed opportunities, or other major causes for concern like penalties.

With an employee scheduling software solution, you can input your staffing requirements and monitor if you have too many or too few employees scheduled. Additionally, this capability allows you to easily view how schedule changes will impact your shift coverage.

Reduce Overtime Expenses

"Pencil-and-paper scheduling" can make optimizing staffing levels difficult. When changes are made to the schedule, it can lead to miscalculations or other errors that result in overtime expenses.

Scheduling solutions, such as VSS Pro, allow you to instantly view shift coverage and provide the ability to make better decisions when approving time-off requests or providing time availability for training. With this information readily available, you will optimize your staffing and reduce overtime.

Communicate Schedule Information More Effectively

When things like time off requests, sickness, and jury duty come up in short notice, schedules can change suddenly. For a "pencil-and-paper scheduler" it can be almost impossible to provide each staff member the most current schedule information.

A scheduling software solution can allow you to share schedule information by giving select employees access to the schedule. Staff members can then view available dates for requesting time-off, print their individual schedules, and review schedule information as needed. With VSS Pro, an e-mail tool can be used to send updated schedules via e-mail with the click of a button whenever schedule changes occur.

Improve Reporting Capabilities

For the "pencil-and-paper scheduler," reporting is equally cumbersome and prone to errors. Building a report typically involves manually combining information from several schedule sheets, while manually building the report itself. Depending on the time period, some of the information required may already be lost or misplaced to further complicate the task.

With the use of a scheduling software solution, like VSS Pro, reporting is automated and query information can be used to find data for any time frame. Reports are formatted and ready to print in moments.

These are just a few clear examples of how a scheduling software solution can make your employee scheduling more accurate, efficient, and reliable. When you make the move away from "pencil-and-paper scheduling," you'll find benefits in other areas too, such as improved employee satisfaction, a greater ability to stay up to date, and more time to focus on the demands of your position instead of scheduling alone.