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Employee Scheduling Software for Government

Our employee scheduling software, Visual Staff Scheduler Pro (VSS Pro), is used to schedule staff at thousands of local, state and federal agencies, including law enforcement, emergency services, correctional facilities, libraries, and public utilities.

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Staff Scheduling Software Benefits

Our scheduling software allows you to:

  • Create staff schedules in less time
  • Ensure shift coverage
  • Reduce overtime expenses
  • Improve reporting capabilities

Create schedules in less timeCreate schedules in less time

With our staff scheduling software, schedules are built more quickly, as you can use time-saving tools that rotate shifts, copy schedule patterns, and schedule groups of employees at one time.



Ensure shift coverageDefine Coverage Totals

With VSS Pro, you can input your staffing requirements and see if you have too many or too few employees scheduled. Additionally, this capability allows you to easily view how schedule changes will impact your shift coverage.


Reduce overtime expensesReduce Overtime and Payroll

Our employee scheduling software allows you to instantly view shift coverage and hours scheduled. With this information readily available, you will be able to optimize your staffing and reduce overtime.



Improve reporting capabilitiesImprove reporting capabilities

With the use of VSS Pro employee scheduling software, reporting is automated and query information can be used to find data for any time frame. Reports are formatted and ready to print in moments.



Employee Scheduling Software Customer Reviews

Read the following customer quotes to see how police departments, sheriff's offices, jails, fire departments, EMS/911 centers, and other government agencies benefit from using VSS Pro scheduling software:

“VSS Pro scheduling software makes it easy to schedule our multiple and varying shifts. I can now quickly create new schedules and store all past or modified schedule versions. With VSS Pro, I see staffing numbers and shortages for each scheduled shift at-a-glance.” 
Sgt. Curt Stinson | Helena Police Department, Helena, MT

“Scheduling our staff with VSS Pro is now faster and simpler than ever before. Printing out calendars and having all scheduling info in one place helps us to be well organized. We haven’t found anything else that creates our work schedules better than VSS Pro.” 
Wanda Keener, Deputy Director of Communications | Berks County Communications, Reading, PA

“I am very delighted with Visual Staff Scheduler Pro software. The ability to schedule several deputies at one time has saved me a tremendous amount of time.” 
Dave Ponozzo, Chief Deputy | Grant County Sheriff's Office, Ephrata, WA

“The versatility of VSS Pro scheduling software is great! Emailing schedules to my staff, as well as posting schedules to our internal website, is so easy. I use the software everyday and find I spend less time on scheduling and more time for other tasks. I recommend VSS Pro to any public safety agency that struggles with maintaining a schedule of shift work for employees.” 
Lt. Garth Hillier, Communications Supervisor | Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, 911 Division

“With VSS Pro scheduling software, it is easy to build practice schedules to see how schedule changes impact my staff coverage. And if there is ever a question of past records, I have it right at my fingertips.” 
Mary Allen, Director | Multi Agency Communications Center, Grant County, Washington

“VSS Pro scheduling software is a perfect fit for law enforcement due to the varied rotations we run and special assignments that require grouping unique sets of employees together. Tracking assignments, sick time, benefit days, and training for about 150 correctional officers is easy using the shift explanations in VSS Pro. Running totals and keeping each position assigned properly is no longer cumbersome or time-consuming.” 
Sergeant John F. Hall | Lake County Jail, Waukegan, IL

“Now that I have all of my scheduling information at my fingertips, I can better optimize our rosters. I can make adjustments quickly and move officers between shifts or divisions, instead of paying a lot of overtime hours.” 
SSgt. Joel Scharf | Moorhead Police Department

“VSS Pro scheduling software definitely reduces the time and effort needed to schedule my staff.” 
Jason Werle, Shift Supervisor | Harrison County Hospital EMS

“I like the convenience of scheduling with VSS Pro. Now the schedules are built effortlessly and all the scheduling information resides in one place. However, VSS Pro scheduling software gives us more than that. It gives us the assurance we are meeting mandatory staffing requirements.” 
Capt. Bonnie Case, Jail Administrator | Scott County Sheriff's Office

“With Visual Staff Scheduler PRO, we were able to cut the time it takes to schedule our staff by two thirds.” 
Steven Schurr, Supervisory Meteorologist | NOAA’s National Weather Service

”With the use of VSS Pro scheduling software we do not need to waste our valuable time to manually combine information from several schedule sheets, as the reports are formatted to the desired layout and ready to print in seconds.” 
Kathy Colvin, Director | Red River Regional Dispatch Center

“VSS Pro scheduling software allows me to keep my staff up-to-date, plus it saves me time I spend on scheduling.” 
Capt. Thomas Martinuk - EMT-P, Fire Prevention Officer | Middleton Fire Department, Massachusetts

“Outstanding product! Visual Staff Scheduler Pro is easy to use and adaptable to our many different scheduling formats. We looked at several different law enforcement scheduling packages and are happy to say that we made the right choice when we picked VSS Pro. Thanks!” 
Deputy Chief Bob Troy | Hickory Hills Police Department

“After using VSS Pro for over six years, I can't imagine being without it! Scheduling and tracking time is a snap! What used to take significant time is now done almost automatically.” 
Captain Kevin R. O'Hara | Point Pleasant Beach Police

“VSS Pro scheduling software has lived up to its promise of handling complex shift rotations. I am spending less than half the time to generate duty rosters.” 
Sgt. John P. Kiss | Ottawa Police Service

“I love VSS Pro! It makes scheduling multiple locations a snap." 
Jim Boll | National Park Service

“VSS Pro is a very powerful tool that allows us to schedule officers for court and other activities years in advance. I would recommend VSS Pro scheduling software to anyone looking to make their scheduling faster and easier.” 
Sgt. George W. Bacorn | Denton Police Department

“Visual Staff Scheduler Pro reduced my scheduling time from half a day to about an hour. Our staffing needs change suddenly and constantly. VSS Pro is the best product I've found for quickly building alternative schedules. My department can plan and adjust quickly to make the most of whatever staffing challenges we face.” 
Ed Schilke, Administrative Sergeant | Port Angeles Police Department, WA

“What a time saver! It's great for tracking the number of hours scheduled, sick time assigned, and Vacation time taken. I would recommend VSS Pro to any department.” 
Captain Kevin Krausz | Miles City Police Department, Montana


Government Customer List

VSS Pro employee scheduling software is used by thousands of local, state and federal agencies, including law enforcement, emergency services, correctional facilities, libraries, and public utilities. Here are just a few of our customers:

Police/Sheriff's Departments

Ashland Police Dept
Beaumont Police Dept
Boulder County Sheriff's Office
Brooklyn Heights Police Dept
Butler County Sheriff's Office
Canby Police Dept
Carver County Sheriff's Office
Cochran Police Dept
Collinsville Police
Colusa Police Dept
Conover Police Dept
Coquitlam RCMP
Coral Springs Police Dept
County of Steuben Sheriff's Office
Deerfield Police Dept
Denton Police Dept
Douglas County Sheriff's Office
Elizabeth Township Police Dept
Elk River Police
Estes Park Police Dept
Fairview Heights Police
Fishers Police Dept
Forest City Police Dept
Freeport Police Dept
Geneva Police Dept
Glastonbury Police Dept
Grant County Sheriff's Office
Helena Police Dept
Henry County Sheriff's Office
Highland County Sheriff's Office
Hudson Oaks Police Dept
Huntley Police Dept
Irondequoit Police Dept
Ishpeming Police Dept
Joliet Police Dept
Juab County Sheriff's Office
Katy Police Dept
Kennewick Police Dept
Kewanee Police Dept
Lake County Sheriff's Office
Langley RCMP
Largo Police Dept
Le Mars Police Dept
Lebanon Police Dept
Lee County Sheriff's Office
Lewes Police Dept
Lewiston Police Dept
Lexington Police Dept
Livingston Police Dept
Lockland Police Dept
Lodi Police Dept
Marshall Police Dept
Mascoutah Police Dept
Medina Township Police
Midvale Police Dept
Miles City Police Dept
Mill Valley Police Dept
Minooka Police Dept
Minster Police Dept
Montgomery Police Dept
Montoursville Police Dept
Montpelier Police Dept
Moorhead Police Department
Mt Zion Police Dept
New Westminster Police Service
Newton Police Dept
Niles Police Dept
North Aurora Police Dept
North Pole Police Dept
Oceana County Sheriff's Office
Ogemaw County Sheriff's Office 
Ogle County Sheriff's Office
Ontario Police Dept
Paulding County Sheriff's Office
Plymouth Police Dept
Port Angeles Police Dept
Pottawatomie Sheriff's Office
Preble County Sheriff's Office 
Reedley Police Dept
Richardson Police Dept
Ridge Meadows RCMP
Rock Falls Police Dept
Rockton Police
Round Lake Police Dept
Sanger Police Dept
Sanilac County Sheriff's Office
Santa Maria Police Dept
Sauk County Sheriff's Office
Sawyer County Sheriff's Office
Scott County Sheriff
Seward County Sheriff's Office
Shepherdsville Police Dept.
Shoshone County Sheriff's Office
Silverthorne Police Dept
Smithville Police Dept
Snohomish Police Dept
Spearfish Police Dept
Springfield Police Dept
St Louis Police Dept
Troutdale Police Dept
Vienna Police Dept
Village of Lake Delton Police
Village of Rantoul Police Dept
Virginia Gardens Police Dept
Waukegan Police Dept
West View Borough Police Dept
Whitehall Township Police Dept

EMS, 911Centers and Fire Departments

Bath Fire Department
Bedford County EMS
Berks County Communications
Douglas County 911
Erlanger Fire/EMS Dept
Farmington Hills Fire Dept
Franklin County EMS
Harrison County Hospital EMS
Jennings County 911
Kern County Fire Dept
Madison County Fire Dispatch
Metro Communication 911 Center
Middleton Fire Department
Multi Agency Communications Center
Northwest Central Dispatch Systems
Red River Regional Dispatch Center
Richland County Communications 911
Sacramento Regional Fire
Southwest Central 911
Streetsboro Fire Dept
Strongsville Fire & EMS
Thurston County Fire Dist 6
Westmont Fire Dept
Wyoming County 911 Center

Jails and Correctional Facilities

Arrowhead Juvenile Center
Bayfield County Jail
Boredelais Correctional Facility
Cambria County Prison
Cape Vincent Correctional Facility 
El Paso Juvenile Justice Center
Federal Correctional Complex
Herkimer County Jail
Lake County Jail
Piedmont Regional Jail
Pierce County Corrections
Polk County Jail
Scott County Jail
Wayne Brown Correctional Facility

Local and State Agencies

Bloomfield Township Public Library
Board of County Commissioners
Brownsville Public Utilities
CA State Dept of Fish & Game
Chickasaw Regional Library
City of Fairmont Power Plant
City of Highland Park Water Plant
City of Pasadena Water & Power
Clark Regional Services
Coronado National Forest
Cucamonga County Water Dist
Denver Water Dept
Florida Dept of Transportation
Grand Canyon National Park
Greenwich Housing Authority
LaSalle County Government
Livermore Post Office
Margate Public Library
Metropolitan Library System
Missoula Waste Water Divison
Muscatine Power & Water
New York Parks & Recreation
Noel Wien Public Library
North County Transit District
Ocean City Library
Olmsted County Public Works
Omaha Public Power District
Orange County Public Utilities
Orlando Utilities Commission
Palm Beach County Park Rangers
Pearl Harbor Commissary
Peters Twp Sanitary Authority
Placer County Water Agency
Seattle Public Utilities
Shawano County Courthouse
State of CA Dept Water Resource
State of MD - Juvenile Justice
Swinomish Police Dept
Tell City Public Library
Texas Dept of Transportation
Texas National Guard
The Larimer County Public Trustee
Western Virginia Water Authority

Federal Agencies

Airforce Reserves
Bureau of ATF
Canada Immigration Centre
Defense Commissary Agency
Department of Juvenile Justice
Department of Mental Health
Department of National Defense
Department of Veterans Affairs
Department of Water Resources
Drug Enforcement Administration
Brooke Army Medical Center
Federal Aviation Administration
Fox Army Health Center
Game Preserve
Immigration & Naturalization Services
Internal Revenue Service
NASA White Sands Complex
National Guard
National Park Services
National Weather Service
Naval Hospital Jacksonville
NOAA-National Weather
Tripler Army Medical Center
US Air Force
US Bankruptcy Court
US Coast Guard
U.S. Customs Service
US Department of Justice
US Department of State
US Department of Treasury
US District Court
US Mint
US National Park Service
US Naval Hospital
US Navy
US Postal Services
USDA Forest Service
VA Medical Center
White House Communications Agency