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VSS Pro Staff Scheduling Software Reduces Time Spent on Scheduling at Interlock Pharmacy of Columbia

Interlock Pharmacy

“VSS Pro really helps me to cut down the time needed to prepare weekly work schedules.” 

Jodi Sprigg, Pharmacy Technicians Supervisor
Interlock Pharmacy of Columbia


Customer Profile

Interlock Pharmacy of Columbia is part of Omnicare/Interlock Pharmacy Systems providingpharmacy and related services to patients residing in long-term carefacilities and other chronic care settings comprising of approximately 1.4 million beds in 47 states, the District of Columbia and Canada.


Scheduling pharmacy technicians at Interlock Pharmacy of Columbia was very inefficient when they used a manual scheduling method. Creating schedules took too much time which could be spent working on other tasks. A few years ago, the pharmacy decided to use Visual Staff Scheduler® Pro (VSS Pro) scheduling software. “VSS Pro really helps me to cut down the time needed to prepare weekly work schedules,” says Jodi Sprigg, Pharmacy Technicians Supervisor at the Interlock Pharmacy of Columbia.


VSS Pro shifts cheduling software proved to be an easy-to-use solution. “Scheduling staffwith VSS Pro is so quick and simple,” says Sprigg. With VSS Pro, Sprigg caneasily copy schedules from previous weeks, paste it into future dates for allor selected employees, and only adjust the schedule, if needed. And, as all requests for time-off are kept in the system, there is no risk of overlooking any special requests. “I like the ability to pre-schedule shifts and time-off as far into the future as I need to. It helps me stay organized as everythingrelated to our work schedule is located in one central place,” adds Sprigg.In addition, with quick access to the past scheduling information stored inVSS Pro, immediate answers are available should questions arise. “ If I need to check who was working on week ends or holidays, I have this information right at my fingertips,” explains Sprigg.


Since Interlock Pharmacy of Columbia started using VSS Pro to manage their pharmacy technicians work assignments, they have considerably reduced the time it takes to create schedules and maintain schedule changes. According to Sprigg,“Any requested and ad-hoc schedule changes can be made instantly, while VSS Pro helps to assure all work areas, such as filling prescriptions and taking phone orders remain properly covered.” VSS Pro helps also to keep staff up-to-date, as schedules can be easily emailed, printed, or posted online. VSS Pro’s color-coding featureallows Sprigg to create schedules that are more cleaner and easy-to-read than those made by hand. “I am pleased to see we are no longer spending valuable time to create and mange staff schedules. I definitely recommend VSS Pro to other supervisors,”Sprigg concludes.