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VSS PRO Scheduling Software Simplifies Staff Scheduling at Cherokee Air and Cherokee Aviation

“I like the simplicity of VSS PRO. I did not even need to read the manual to start using the software to create my staff schedules.” 

Claude Sawyer, Business Owner
Cherokee Air and Cherokee Aviation

Customer Profile

Cherokee Air is a private charter plane company serving customers since 1987. Cherokee Air, available for charters 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, provides safe and reliable transportation to and from the islands of the Bahamas and nearby Florida. The sister company, Cherokee Aviation is a Fixed Base Operations (FBO) facility, located at Marsh Harbour International Airport (MYAM) in Abaco, in the Bahamas, offering a full line of amenities for private planes and pilots.


As an around-the-clock operation, Cherokee Air and Cherokee Aviation needed a better way to schedule their staff, than using pencil and paper. The manual method of scheduling was not productive, taking away the time the business owner could use to work on more strategic tasks. Claude Sawyer, the owner of Cherokee Air and Cherokee Aviation, was looking for simple software that would allow him to quickly see if the desired staffing levels are being met and eliminate any manual calculations. In addition, Sawyer wanted to replace the hand-made work schedules with more clear, and easy-to-understand schedules, which could be produced by scheduling software. 


Sawyer selected Visual Staff Scheduler® PRO (VSS PRO) for its simplicity and ease-of-use. “I did not even need to read the manual to start using VSS PRO,” says Sawyer. VSS PRO scheduling program proved it could meet the scheduling needs of a dynamically growing businesses, like Cherokee Air and Cherokee Aviation. With VSS PRO, Sawyer can easily adjust his schedule when projected service hours change. “VSS PRO is especially important during our busiest time of the year. With an unpredictable and fluctuating demand, VSS PRO provides me with useful staff information, allowing me to adjust the work schedule on the fly,” says Sawyer.


Since Sawyer, started using VSS PRO scheduling software, he was able to significantly cut the time it takes to schedule his staff. “I almost tripled the number of employees in the last few years, yet with the help of VSS PRO scheduling software the task of personnel scheduling takes me less than what it used to when I scheduled by hand,” says Sawyer. In addition to reducing time, VSS PRO scheduling software also improved internal communication of personnel schedules. “With VSS PRO, I can produce individual schedules with no extra work. Each of my staff members receives his or her own schedule via e-mail. This helps them to stay organized,” says Sawyer. With the use of the scheduling software, Sawyer can easily set the schedule for the whole year, or even years out. “With VSS PRO, I can easily copy the reoccurring schedules and make only necessary adjustments, due to time-off requests, or sickness,” Sawyer explains. In addition to pre-scheduling, as far in advance as desired, VSS PRO also allows archiving all schedule information. “I like having the peace of mind that I could view all past schedules, in case of any administrative or legal issues,” explains Sawyer. According to Sawyer, with Visual Staff Scheduler PRO, his work efficiency and staff productivity is at its peak. “VSS PRO gives me everything I need to make sound staffing decisions,” concludes Sawyer.