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VSS Pro Scheduling Software Helps Manage Work Schedules at Rider Pharmacy

Rider Pharmacy

“I was positively surprised to see how fast and easy scheduling can be.” 

Jeanie Wilfong, VP of Finance, Rider Pharmacy, Fairmont, WV



Customer Profile

Rider Pharmacy of Fairmont, West Virginia is a family owned and operated retail pharmacy that has 25 employees consisting of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, cashiers, customer service, and administrative staff. They have been in operation for over 40 years now, serving clients with early morning to late evening hours.


The Rider Pharmacy needed a more efficient way to schedule their staff. Creating and managing the schedule using pencil and paper was very time-consuming and prone to errors, especially in the area of monitoring shift coverage. The pharmacy decided to put an end to unreliable manual scheduling, by replacing it with a scheduling software that would allow scheduling more efficiently. The pharmacy selected Visual Staff Scheduler® Pro (VSS Pro) for its speed in creating repetitive schedules and ease of monitoring staffing levels. “When I was asked to use VSS Pro software to create work schedules I was positively surprised to see how fast and easy scheduling can be,” says Jeanie Wilfong, VP of Finance at Rider Pharmacy.


VSS Pro scheduling program proved to be the right solution for the Rider Pharmacy scheduling needs. “With VSS Pro, I can see instantly if we are under- or over-scheduled for a particular position in the store,” says Wilfong. “That allows us to better utilize our personnel,” she adds. With the use of VSS Pro scheduling software, Wilfong can easily create the schedule for an upcoming week, or even weeks out. “With VSS Pro, I can easily copy existing schedules and place them in future dates. That makes creating recurring schedules so easy,” Wilfong explains. In order to create a work schedule, Wilfong simply copies the existing schedule yet keeps all the previously approved days off intact. Then she quickly evaluates staff coverage, and makes any staff adjustments, if needed. When the group schedule is ready, with no extra effort, she can print work assignments for a particular operation unit, such as pharmacy, or cash registers, and post them within specific work areas to keep the staff up-to-date.


Since Rider Pharmacy started using VSS Pro scheduling software, they were able to cut the time it takes to schedule their staff and improve the way schedule information is shared. According to Wilfong, with Visual Staff Scheduler Pro, their staff productivity is at its highest level. “VSS Pro gives us everything we need to make sure we have adequate shift coverage and our staff is properly informed. I definitely recommend VSS Pro scheduling software to other retail pharmacies that want to make managing work schedules easier for them,” Wilfong concluded.