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VSS Pro Restaurant Scheduling Software Optimizes Staff Utilization at The Ground Round Grill & Bar

Ground Round Grill & Bar

“With all of the scheduling information easily accessible, we can better optimize our work assignments.” 

Matt Walkowiak, General Manager
The Ground Round® Grill & Bar



Customer Profile

The Ground Round® Grill & Bar (Ground Round), a franchise restaurant with a staff of 80 full-time and part-time employees, in Grand Forks, North Dakota, operates in a community of more than 50,000 people.


The Ground Round needed a more efficient way for creating shift schedules and improving staff utilization. The restaurant decided to replace their paper and pencil scheduling with scheduling software, and selected Visual Staff Scheduler® Pro (VSS Pro) for its simplicity and ease-of-use. “VSS Pro scheduling software is very intuitive, which allows us to train new managers to use VSS Pro in less than an hour,” says Matt Walkowiak, General Manager at the Ground Round.


VSS Pro proved to be the right solution for the restaurants scheduling needs. “With VSS Pro, we can bring all requests for days off, sick days and no-show notifications into one master schedule, and easily see how any changes to the schedule impact shift coverage. This allows us to make better decisions when it comes to approving time-off requests or calling in for additional staff,” Walkowiak adds. Using VSS Pro staff scheduling software helps the Ground Round significantly improve staff utilization. “With all of the scheduling information easily accessible, we can better optimize our work assignments. We can make adjustments quickly and move staff between shifts or different areas of responsibility, instead of paying for idle hours,” says Walkowiak. In addition to better staff effectiveness, the Ground Round also improved internal communication, as all supervisors have the ability to look in one place for up-to-date schedules for all work areas.


Since the Ground Round started using VSS Pro scheduling software, they were able to reduce the time it takes to schedule their staff by 50%. According to Walkowiak, managers now spend half the time they previously needed to create and distribute work schedules. “Now, everyone stays informed, and schedule changes are managed with ease,” Walkowiak adds.

With Visual Staff Scheduler Pro, staff utilization at the Ground Round is at its peak. “VSS Pro gives us everything we need to make sure our customers are happy and our restaurant operates efficiently. I definitely recommend VSS Pro scheduling software to other food services and catering businesses,” Walkowiak concluded.