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VSS Pro Brings Immediate Time Savings to Peninsula Regional Medical Center

Peninsula Regional Medical Center

"You just can't compare a spreadsheet to the many benefits of VSS Pro. Making the switch was easy." 

Judy Bailey, Peninsula Regional Medical Center Communications Supervisor

Customer Profile

Founded in 1897, Peninsula Regional Medical Center is a tertiary care facility, providing specialty services to over 500,000 patients a year in the Delmarva Peninsula region. With over 350 beds, 300+ physicians and 2,400 health care professionals, Peninsula Regional is one of the busiest medical facilities in Maryland.


Peninsula Regional needs to staff a 24/7 Switchboard along with providing 12-hour service at the Information Desk to assist its many visitors. This dedicated support staff provides patient locations and directions, handles all incoming phone calls, and answers any visitor questions.

Peninsula Regional encountered many challenges when trying to schedule its Information Desk and Switchboard personnel with a custom-built spreadsheet. According to Judy Bailey, Communications Supervisor, "I was tired of spending hours trying to schedule my staff. It was difficult and time consuming to coordinate shift changes and keep track of time-off requests, all while making sure our shifts were still covered."

A manager from another department recommended Visual Staff Scheduler® Pro (VSS Pro) to Ms. Bailey which was being used to schedule their nursing staff. She decided to give it a try.


In no time, Ms. Bailey was able to install VSS Pro and start using it to schedule her staff. "Making the switch to VSS Pro was easy," she said. "You just can't compare a spreadsheet to the many benefits of VSS Pro. When my staff requests any changes to the schedule, I don't have to re-do an entire schedule. Any modifications can now be done in seconds and I can publish an updated schedule immediately."

Additionally, VSS Pro now indicates how many people or hours Peninsula Regional Communications Department needs by position and shift, and automatically calculates if too many or too few employees are scheduled based on staffing requirements. "I love the flexibility of VSS Pro," said Bailey. "I can now rotate shifts, copy shift patterns and publish schedules in any format."


From the first day Ms. Bailey started using VSS Pro, she experienced time savings. "Scheduling is now very easy and is not as time consuming as it used to be," said Bailey. "VSS Pro paid for itself after the first time I used it."