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Carl Zeiss IMT Takes Customer Service to the Next Level with VSS Pro

Carl Zeiss IMT

“With VSS Pro our staff utilization and customer satisfaction are at their highest levels” 

Peggy Rinard, Scheduling Coordinator
Carl Zeiss IMT Corporation

Customer Profile

Carl Zeiss Industrial Measuring Technology (IMT), located in Maple Grove, Minnesota, is a member of the Carl Zeiss Group located in Oberkochen, Germany. It is the global leader in CNC coordinate measuring machine (CMM) technology. With over 1300 employees worldwide, Carl Zeiss IMT offers metrology solutions for a wide variety of industrial sectors.


In order to achieve optimum staff utilization in the services department at Carl Zeiss IMT, the company decided to replace their whiteboard schedule with scheduling software. The challenge for the department was providing the highest quality service to customers while ensuring the best staff utilization. They selected Visual Staff Scheduler® Pro (VSS Pro) for its flexibility and simplicity. "When I came to Carl Zeiss IMT a few years ago, I was pleased to have such a powerful tool to assist me with staff scheduling," says Peggy Rinard, Scheduling Coordinator at Carl Zeiss IMT. "I learned the program in no time and I'm always looking forward to using the new scheduling tools and reports being added to VSS Pro," she adds.


With just a few clicks in VSS Pro, regularly-scheduled maintenance jobs can be pre-assigned to service technicians well into the future, as well as holidays, training sessions, and time-off requests. Then, as a new service order is received, dispatchers can immediately view all available technicians and assign the proper technician to the job. "Now, I can make schedule assignments or adjustments quickly and appropriately because VSS Pro immediately displays how each service order impacts my overall schedule," says Rinard. "And, communicating schedule information has never been easier." Service technicians can get their individual schedules and any schedule updates instantly, plus regional service managers can log into the system to stay informed. Additionally, customer account managers regularly receive a copy of the schedule to review service activities as they relate to clients.


Since Carl Zeiss IMT started using VSS Pro, they were able to significantly reduce the time it takes to schedule their service technicians. According to Rinard, it's possible to cut the time needed to create and distribute work schedules by at least 50%. "Now, everyone stays informed, and schedule changes are managed with ease," Rinard adds.

With VSS Pro, staff utilization at Carl Zeiss IMT is at its peak. "VSS Pro gives us everything we need to make sure our customers are happy and our technicians can use their full abilities," Rinard concluded.