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Client Appointment Manager upgrade history

When you upgrade to Client Appointment Manager version 7.0, you’ll receive all the features introduced in previous versions of Client Appointment Manager, too! See the list of new features from each previous version.

New features introduced in version 6.0

NEW Custom Statuses

Create up to five custom statuses with icons that apply to your business. Add more detail to the schedule by adding custom statuses like “Left Message,” “Pending” or “Rescheduled.” 
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MORE Custom FieldsUpdate

We've added five more custom fields to both the appointment and client forms. Track even more appointment and client information with these additional fields.

NEW Appointments by Date Report

Print a daily list of appointments in chronological order. It's a great way to see who's coming in next, regardless of employee. See a list of upcoming appointments for several employees or across your entire business. 
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NEW Monthly Calendar Report

Give your clients a monthly calendar showing their upcoming appointments. Help reduce no-shows by handing your clients an easy-to-read calendar so they don't miss another appointment. 
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IMPROVED Employee Filter

You can now select individual employees you want displayed. For example, you may choose to show a specific group or only employees for a certain department or location. Create a custom view for every user. 
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NEW User Setting

Do you have a front office person who only needs to schedule appointments? The new “Limited” user type allows you to create users who can only schedule or edit appointments and clients. Limited users can also access all reports.  

MORE Time Intervals

If you schedule appointments in 5- or 20-minute increments, we've added two new appointment time intervals so you can schedule your clients even faster and easier. 
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NEW Custom Label

If you don't schedule Customers, Patients or Clients, you can now create your own custom label (i.e. Students, Pets or Volunteers). Enter a new label and it is used in all windows and reports. 
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IMPROVED QuickBooks Synchronization

Just click the Refresh button and instantly synch client records that have been added or changed in Client Appointment Manager or QuickBooks.

NEW File Attachments

[Pro Edition Only]
You can now attach documents or images to client records. With a click of your mouse, you can access reports, contracts, agreements, blueprints, surveys or any other client-related file or image. File types supported are .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .rtf, .bmp, .jpg and .gif. 
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New features introduced in version 5.0

NEW Windows 7 Compatibility

Be sure to keep your appointment software up and running. New version 5.0 is the ONLY version of Client Appointment Manager and Client Appointment Manager Pro guaranteed to work with Windows 7.

IMPROVED Find Open Time

You can now select more than one employee with the find open time tool, instead of only one or all employees. By limiting the employees you wish to search, you can find open appointment times more quickly and service your client faster.

NEW Current Time Indicator

A current time bar is now displayed across the calendar so it's easy for you to see what time it is and upcoming appointments. If you've used Microsoft Outlook before, you know how handy this feature can be.

FASTER Appointment Scheduling

Start and end times are shown as you are scheduling an appointment. This means you'll schedule appointments at the right time the first time. No more wasted time adjusting appointments.

IMPROVED Reporting

We've added the day of the week to appointment reports so it's easier to see when a client has had an appointment or when a client has an appointment scheduled.

NEW Appointment Statuses

Now you can mark your appointments as "Checked-In" or "Completed." These new statuses are available in all appointment reports and are used by the new Check-In Assistant in Client Appointment Manager Pro (see below for more information).

NEW Check-In Assistant

[Pro Edition Only]
Who's in your waiting room? When did they check in? How long have they been waiting and who are they here to see? Who's late for their appointment? The new Check-In Assistant found only in Client Appointment Manager Pro instantly shows you and automatically updates in real time. Use this tool to check-in client for their appointments and mark client as completed when they're no longer in your waiting room.

New features introduced in version 4.0

IMPROVED Employee Work Schedules

Enter your employees’ work schedules to make sure appointments are only scheduled on days they’ll be working. It’s easy to accommodate temporary or permanent changes to an employee’s work schedule, such as summer or holiday schedules.

NEW Custom Column Widths

Adjust individual column widths to maximize the viewing of appointment information.

IMPROVED QuickBooks Integration

Instead of importing all of your clients from QuickBooks, you can choose to skip inactive clients.

IMPROVED Performance

Whether you have hundreds, or even thousands of clients, client lists load faster making it easier to find clients and schedule appointments.

NEW Undo Feature

Now you can undo common tasks like cut, copy and paste, as well as reset appointment lengths and restore moved appointments.

NEW Employee Move Feature

Simply drag and drop employees to where you would like them to appear on the screen.

IMPROVED Employee Sorting

Sort employees by first name, last name or position, or create a custom sort by dragging and dropping employees.

IMPROVED Letters Publishing

Insert custom fields into your letters to create tailored marketing messages and improve client communications.

NEW Services Sort Option

Move services up and down in the services selection window to make picking services faster.

NEW Daily Notes

Add an note to an employee’s daily schedule. Notes can be viewed on-screen and on reports.

NEW Audit Trail

[Pro Edition Only]
Easily track changes made to appointments by individual users. See who scheduled or deleted an appointment, made changes to appointment times, descriptions, services, and more. Only users granted administrator rights within Client Appointment Manager Pro can view this information.

NEW Services Summary Chart

[Pro Edition Only]
See how many appointments, or appointment hours, your employees are scheduled for each service. View this information for any employee or all employees to see if your services mix is changing over time. Also, see where your employees are spending most of their time.

NEW Employee Productivity Chart

[Pro Edition Only]
See how many hours your employees are scheduled versus not scheduled. View this information for any employee, or all employees, to determine if employee productivity is increasing or decreasing over time.

NEW Appointments Summary Chart

[Pro Edition Only]
See how many appointments have been scheduled for any time frame. View this information for any employee, or all employees, to see if your business is growing. You can also view the number of cancelled appointments or no-shows.

NEW New Clients Chart

[Pro Edition Only]
See how many new clients each of your employees, or all employees, have acquired for any time frame. Ideal for sales contests and measuring marketing efforts.

NEW Store Client Photos

[Pro Edition Only]
Client photos are just a click away! Now you can quickly and easily verify clients upon check-in. Reduce your liability and make sure you're providing the right service for the right client.

NEW Online Appointment Requests

[Pro Edition Only]
Build a custom online appointment form for your business. The appointment form can include your company logo, banner, color scheme, and appointment days and times. Use your appointment form's web address on business cards, advertisements and brochures, or link to the form from your web site. All online appointment requests appear instantly in Client Appointment Manager Pro. You can also access appointment requests from any Internet browser and send appointment requests to your e-mail address.

New features introduced in version 3.0

NEW E-mail Appointments to Employees (Works with PDAs)

Improve communication and efficiency when you e-mail appointment information to employees for access via any web browser or PDA. With just a few clicks, your employees can receive up-to-date appointment information when visiting a client site, at home or anywhere.

IMPROVED QuickBooks Synchronization

Seamlessly share client information between Client Appointment Manager and QuickBooks. When you add client information in Client Appointment Manager, it gets added to QuickBooks (and vice versa). Launch a QuickBooks invoice right from Client Appointment Manager to save time.

IMPROVED Waiting list

You won't forget to squeeze a client in an available opening with the improved waiting list. With just one click, Client Appointment Manager 3.0 does all the work for you. Each time you launch the waiting list you'll instantly see what appointment requests can be scheduled. All the information needed to confirm the appointment with the client is at your fingertips. With new date and time ranges, you can accommodate more requests and book more business. The on-screen waiting list reminds you to take action on expired appointment requests or appointment requests due today or due tomorrow.

NEW Service Templates

Ensure you book enough time for your clients with service templates. Assign a duration and color scheme to each of your services and Client Appointment Manger 3.0 will automatically adjust the appointment length and color scheme to match the template. If you book more than one service for an appointment, version 3.0 will combine the durations for you.

NEW Add Holidays/Days Closed

Block off all employees schedules for holidays and days your business is closed with this feature.

NEW Options for Recurring Appointments

Schedule repeating appointments with ultimate flexibility. Use Client Appointment Manager's custom date selection calendar or apply scheduling patterns such as daily, weekly, or the first Monday of every month. Also, version 3.0 will display details of appointments conflicting with the repeat appointment you are scheduling so you can take the appropriate action.

NEW Conflicting Appointments Alert

Double bookings can waste time and frustrate clients. Turn on the warning for double bookings and Client Appointment Manager 3.0 will tell you when there is a conflict when you schedule or move an appointment. If your business double books appointments, simply turn the warning feature off.

NEW On-screen Filter

Use the on-screen filter to display specified employees on the scheduling worksheet. Based on the employee position, the on-screen filter can help you quickly see the sales department's schedules or narrow the list to only the employees you are responsible for scheduling.

IMPROVED Print the Scheduling Worksheet

When you print a snapshot of the day view you can choose to print the screen or print one page per employee. Now you can share what you see on the appointment scheduling worksheet or just one employee's appointment details.

NEW Services and Employee Productivity Reports

Do you know the average appointment length for services you provide the most? Is your employee productivity at an acceptable rate? Find out the answers to these questions and more with the services summary report and the employee productivity report.


Keep your client information safe with unique logins. Users can create their own username and password and administrators can grant read-only or read-write access for each user. Each unique user's preferences, such as background color and view options, will be saved to his/her profile.

NEW View Options

You can customize your view options in many ways. In version 3.0 you can add custom fields or display the time intervals on the scheduling worksheet, sort the client window by any field in the client form, view 1 or 2 months of the on-screen calendar and more!

NEW Appointment Status Types

Four appointment status types have been added to Client Appointment Manager 3.0. New appointments default to the "scheduled" status but can be marked confirmed, canceled or no-show. Unique icons in the upper right hand corner of the appointment let you know at-a-glance the appointment status. Canceled appointments will change the text and background color so you can keep client information but quickly see you have an opening.