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Chiropractic Clinic Increased Productivity Immediately With Appointment Scheduling Software

Flushing Back and Neck


"I was assured it would load quickly and refresh immediately. The appointment calendar layout was clean and customizable. The customer service was also great."

Mindy Smith
Flushing Back and Neck Care Center



Customer Profile

Flushing Back and Neck Care Center is a Chiropractic clinic in Michigan with 10 employees.  They have been using Patient Appointment Manager for about one year. Mindy Smith is their Office Manager.


Flushing Back and Neck Care Center used a paper appointment book for years before implementing a very basic computer scheduler.

They found it was difficult to keep track of customer’s future appointments when using the paper appointment book. When appointments were scheduled a month or more in advance, customers would forget the dates and times they were scheduled. When trying to call or send out reminders, the clinic staff had to go through the calendar and manually look for appointments.

“The first appointment scheduling software we tried was horrible,” Mindy said. “It constantly froze, took a long time to load up in the mornings, and would not refresh. It was a nightmare!”

The affordable price and set of features in Patient Appointment Manager was right for their Chiropractic clinic. “I was assured it would load quickly and refresh immediately. The appointment calendar layout was clean and customizable,” Mindy explained. “The customer service was also great.” So, they decided to implement a five-user license of Patient Appointment Manager.


They use Patient Appointment Manager to schedule appointments for their doctors and massage therapists. With this appointment software they’re able to search for open appointments, search for future appointments, color code services, and customize the information collected from patients. For example, they’ve set up some of the custom fields specifically for their business. Now it’s easier to gather the information they need from new patients, such as insurance information and referral source.

The reports help them simplify payroll. The Appointments by Employee report eliminates the need for the therapists to fill out a time sheet by hand, which also saves paper.

Since the software refreshes automatically, therapists are able to see when a patient has checked in for their appointments from other computers in the office. Clinic employees no longer have to stay by the front desk to see when their patients arrive for appointments. This improves office productivity since the therapists are able to complete other tasks in the meantime.

Also, since their previous appointment scheduling system would freeze on their computer or not refresh automatically, mistakenly double booking a therapist from multiple computers was a common problem. Now they don’t have to scramble to call back patients and reschedule to avoid confusion.


With appointment scheduling software from Atlas Business Solutions, Flushing Back and Neck Care Center is able to place patients on recurring schedules. “We have a lot of recurring patients and this makes it so easy to get them on their preferred schedule and ensures they are receiving their care,” Mindy explained. “They love it.”

Mindy thinks Patient Appointment Manager was very easy for their staff to learn and use. “Everyone was ‘fluent’ in a week,” she declared. “And, I never worry about anything because I know someone helpful is a phone call or email away. Thanks ABS!”

The appointment software helps the entire office. The staff at the Chiropractic clinic immediately noticed an increase in productivity. “It’s so much better than writing down appointments by hand, fighting with a program that won’t load properly, and having to remember to manually refresh the calendar,” said Mindy. “We all rely heavily on Patient Appointment Manager – it’s the core of our office! Without the schedule, we’d be dead in the water.”