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It’s upgrade season here at ABS. We’ve been busy working on software improvements for many of our small business management solutions. And, the improvements haven’t stopped there. Since we recently released version 6.0 of Customer Appointment Manager, we decided to update some of our marketing materials, too. We created a new, shorter sales video for prospects who may be shopping for appointment book software. It’s more concise and gets to the heart of how it can work for you!

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This week we’ll review part four of our six-part video series entitled “Will Your New Business Make Money?” We’re showing you how our business plan software can help you figure out if your company will make money at all, and if so, when it will start making money. In part two we covered how the tax structure, ownership distribution, and credit policy can affect the bottom line of your business plan financials. In part three we showed you how to enter monthly income projections. This week we’ll talk about expenses.

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Writing a business plan is a crucial step for both new ventures and existing companies that are looking to expand. Over the years our business plan software has helped thousands of people start and grow their companies. One of the most favored parts of Ultimate Business Planner is the sections that put together business plan financials. Entrepreneurs and small business managers simply enter projected income and expenses and let the program develop a balance sheet, breakeven analysis, cash summary, profit and loss statement, and more.

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Learn how to ensure hourly coverage and to find employees who are available to work when you use our shift scheduling softwareWatch this video to discover how to use Visual Staff Scheduler’s Highlighter tool and Scheduling Assistant.

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Last week we blogged about the four quick steps you need to take in Ultimate Business Planner for it to create your financial projections, such as profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash plans, and financial ratios. We showed you the video about the first step, which was filling out the Company section that includes basic contact information, as well as company structure, ownership distribution, and credit policy. This week we’ll talk about income projections.

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