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Since the late 1990’s Staff Files has helped small- and mid-size businesses manage the personnel files at their company. Typically, we release a new version of our PC-based business management software every 12-18 months. After several months of hard work, we’re excited to announce that this week we released version 8.0 of Staff Files, our easy and affordable HR software!

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Do you need a specific amount and type of employee scheduled for each shift? Are your staffing requirements based on external variables, such as a number of units, patients, or packages? If so, you can easily enter staffing requirements into Visual Staff Scheduler (VSS) employee scheduling software, so you’ll be able to see if you are over-scheduled or under-scheduled.

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One way you can use the internet with your PC-based appointment manager is to send appointments to Google Calendar. Each employee that wishes to see their schedule online would need to create a Google Calendar, which could be set up on The email address and password each employee used to set up their calendar needs to be entered in the Google Calendar Link tab of their profile within Customer Appointment Manager. The Google Calendar Link tab can be found by clicking on the File menu and selecting Employee Maintenance. In the Employee Maintenance window, double-click on an employee’s name to open their profile and then click on the Google Calendar Link tab.

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As a business owner or manager, your time is very valuable. Why spend a lot of time creating shift schedules when you could be working on other things? Especially since there are time-saving scheduling tools available to you, such as Visual Staff Scheduler! Not only will you save time with this employee scheduling software, but you’ll also save yourself from the headache of complicated spreadsheets and paper-based methods of creating work schedules.

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Writing a business plan can be difficult and time-consuming if you’re starting with a blank page and intend to write it completely from scratch. However, it’s easy to make a business plan with business planning software. Thousands of entrepreneurs have used Ultimate Business Planner to prepare for their new business startups.

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