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How to Use Employee Letters in Staff Files

Posted on September 12, 2011

Do you create employee letters for your staff? You’ll find employee welcome letters, benefit eligibility letters, birthday letters, promotion letters, termination letters, transfer letters, and many more in our HR Software! 

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New Staff Files customers who want an easy way to enter their employee information can import their employees’ contact data directly from a text file, MYOB, Microsoft Small Business Accounting, and QuickBooks (Pro/Premier 2003 or Enterprise Solutions 2.0 or new versions). Both programs are PC-based and QuickBooks must be opened before Staff Files is opened, so Staff Files will recognize the QuickBooks file. Users will be able to import contact data, such as first and last name, phone numbers, email address, mailing address, employee ID, hire date, gender, social security number, birth date, and separation date.

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Sometimes small business managers think they wouldn’t see any value in implementing HR software, especially if they don’t have an HR manager or human resources department. Actually, they may be the ones who would benefit from using it the most because of its time saving and organizational value. A recent Capterra blog post explains this very well, but here’s just one more example how Staff Files can help small business managers.

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Do you use performance review scores to determine bonuses? Do you want a fast and definitive way to see who the star performers are at your company? Now you can with the Evaluation Scores report. It’s a new Staff report in Staff Files, our HR software. Running this report is a lot faster than digging through employee files to compare performance reviews!

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The performance review process is often a dreaded task for both managers and employees. Taking an honest look at another person’s, or your own, job performance can be uncomfortable, but is important in order to stay focused on goals and improve your skill set for the future. Even though the evaluation itself may be difficult, at least the recordkeeping part of the process can be easy!

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