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Learn how to ensure hourly coverage and to find employees who are available to work when you use our shift scheduling softwareWatch this video to discover how to use Visual Staff Scheduler’s Highlighter tool and Scheduling Assistant.

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Today is the three-month anniversary of ScheduleBase, our new online employee scheduling software. We’ve been developing software that creates work schedules for over 20 years and are happy to include ScheduleBase to our lineup of employee scheduling software along with Visual Staff Scheduler and ScheduleAnywhere.

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Visual Staff Scheduler Pro (VSS Pro) work scheduling software helps you create more professional schedules for any timeframe and group of employees. It’s a great tool that makes communicating work schedules easy. With Visual Staff Scheduler, you can create any type of schedule or report for any time frame, including schedules by shift, position, department, or location, monthly calendars, daily rosters, time-off reports, and estimated labor cost reports. You can pick date ranges, employee groups, shift types, and the level of detail and data order. Plus, you can print, publish, or e-mail any schedule or report. You can add a Microsoft Word document to a schedule or report to act as a cover letter or announcement to your staff and you can add a legend to the end of a schedule or report that will clearly explain shifts, explanations, and notes.

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Build custom work schedules with a flexible shift scheduling software! Visual Staff Scheduler makes your life easier because it gives you the scheduling flexibility to make just the right work schedules for your organization. You’ll be able to define your own shifts, highlight schedule information that is important to you, and customize your schedules views.

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Cut your scheduling time by up to 75% with Visual Staff Scheduler! Our shift scheduling software has many timesaving tools for copying and managing shifts and rotations. You don’t have to schedule one employee one day at a time. With Visual Staff Scheduler, you can schedule many days or employees at once. It includes everything you’ll need to effectively manage your employee schedules.

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